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Deana Wheaten Lulaby
* 11.11.2008
Praha /CZ

Our sibling Deana Wheaten Lulaby - her nickname
Fanny - born on 11 November.2008 unexpectedly
died on 4 January 2020. She has had a marwelous
life with her loving family, travelling all over Europe,
spending lots of time by the sea. She has not ever
been ill, why so early, our love?! We will always
remember you, and definitely miss you.

Stehlik s family and all my pack Lulaby

   Ch. Bonno Brixel Parsippany

   Ch-CZ, Ch-SK, Ch-PL,
   5x BOB, 5x CACIB
   DKK 0/0
   Ch. Cheerful Challenger
   Never Lasting´s

   Europasieger VDH,
   Ch-Jgd KFT
    Ch. Yoker
   Danterri Wheaten

   Ch-DK, HD A(DK)00000
   ICh. Kiki Dee
   Wheaten Rebel´s

   ICH, Ch-D/VDH, Ch-D/KFT,,
   Ch-L, Europasieger VDH
   ICh. Eywy Elisha

   ICH, Ch-CZ, Ch-SK
   Ch-PL, 2x BOB
   2x Národní vítěz
   Ch. Kuddel Daddeidu

    HDF-A1 00294
   Ch-VDH, Ch-D/KFT,
   Ch-Jgd KFT
   ICh. Beloved Bee Lalibela
   ICH, Ch-CZ, BOB
    Národní vítěz, Ch-Jun CZ
   ICh. Mechta Poeta
   Ochey Ocharovanie

   2x Res. CACIB, KV, NV, VT
   2x BOB, 4x CACIB
   Ch. Cougar Wheaten Rebel´s
   Grand Champion,
   Champion-BIR, Ch RTU CW
   ICh. Connery Wheatstone
   ICh. Vanity Fair
   Wheaten Rebel´s

   Ch. Mechta Poeta Krim Kout
   Champ.-BIR, Champ.-RUS,
   Grand Champ. Ch. RTU CW
   ICh. Apollo
   from Wheaten Heaven

    Brungilda Wheatengale